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Student Teacher

Connecting Parents

Why Invite Parents?

When you invite parents to connect, you can strengthen home and school communication so they can be partners in supporting their child’s learning. They just connect with an e-mail address and get timely updates and resources.

You’re in the driver’s seat. Nothing gets sent to parents without your consent.

Tips on Supporting their Child

We’ll send them these tips on home-based practices that don’t require technical mathematical skills.

Send Home Reports

Send Mission Reports and GameShow Reports with their child’s scores to keep them informed.

Receive Educational Supports

Along with those reports, parents can view the questions and access any worked examples and tutorial videos available in the assigned content so they can go through it with their child. See an example

View the Student Portfolio (coming soon)

They’ll see the written solutions that their child has submitted in GameShows and Missions. See the portfolio

How do I Invite Parents?

You can invite parents by printing individualized PDF invitations, or by entering e-mails or mobile numbers for each student. They’ll receive an e-mail or text message invitation.

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