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Knowledgehook for Schools

A complete system for math improvement

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Gap-Closing and PD Made Simple

Knowledgehook provides an easy-to-use tool that helps teachers and administrators close student gaps and focus professional development on topics relevant to your students.

How It Works

Teachers use Knowledgehook

It's a fun and engaging way to do assessment and practice

Student Gaps Identified

Knowledgehook analyses student responses to identify gaps and provides expertly designed remediation resources for gap closing.

Top Trending Gaps Calculated

Teachers and administrators receive monthly insights on the top trending gaps and use that data to help focus Professional Development activities.

What You Get

Knowledgehook analyses student responses to help teachers identify gaps and then provides expertly designed remediation resources for intervention and gap closing.

Impact your Professional Development with monthly updates on top trending student misconceptions and all the resources you need to support Professional Development on key areas.

School-wide access includes:

  • School-wide Premium licenses
  • Expertly designed Ontario curriculum
  • Gap identification and remediation resources
  • Monthly top trending gap alerts
  • Parent resources
  • Medals and pennants to recognize student achievement

Now Included! EQAO, TIMSS & PISA Analysis for Schools

Submit the results from your region's standards-based assessment to identify top school-wide gaps and focus areas for your teachers and admin.
Use of Knowledgehook in the classroom informs day-to-day teaching and provides the school with real-time trending issues.
More than just data, teachers and administrators are provided questions and teaching resources designed to target the gaps specific to your school.

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Up to 150 Students

Custom district wide pricing available for those with more than 2500 students.
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