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"See how @Knowledgehook, winners of #GoogleDemoDay Game Changer Award in 2016, are revolutionizing math education."


"Knowledgehook is an instructional guidance system. Today in edtech we have most companies focused on student learning. The key piece that's being ignored is teacher learning."

CBC London Morning

Travis Ratnam, CEO of Knowledgehook, speaks to Julianne Hazlewood on the CBC London Morning radio show.


"Waterloo-based Knowledgehook wins Google's Game Changer Award"

CTV News

"Knowledgehook has created software used to help children learn math, by having them answer math questions and then analyzing the results to suggest teaching methods for individual children."

Communitech News

"For Knowledgehook, the game show alone is the educational equivalent of giving school boards a fish. Ratnam and Francis want to teach school boards how to fish.""


"Waterloo's Knowledgehook and Halifax's PACTA have been invited by Google to pitch to investors at their annual Demo Day next month."

Waterloo Region Record

"Knowledgehook has gamified math teaching. The teaching tool includes individual and group assignments, homework and built-in rewards. Most important, the software helps teachers pinpoint the misconceptions students have about math, and helps them correct those misconceptions."

The Eric DROZD Show

The Eric Drozd show - AM 570


"His venture investments, he points out, are in potential 'change the world' businesses. Knowledgehook, a Canadian company, is developing a "next generation learning" Web tool for teachers to interact with students online."

Queens Smith School of Business

"Knowledgehook builds software products that involve each student’s community in her or his academic success. Students, as well as their teachers and parents, use feedback from our products to guide and adapt their learning experience to achieve optimal outcomes."

The Waterloo Record

"Knowledgehook has been in the classroom from the beginning working with teachers and school boards to develop ways to make sure curriculum matches knowledge."

Ontario Canada

"In the coming months, Knowledgehook plans to continue its expansion across Canada and the United States."

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